Double your bulldozers production, with this custom made dozer spreader box.

Push more material without losing it around the corners of the blade. No berms to cleanup.
Fully adjustable widths up to 8', 6', 4' Depth adjustments 0" to 12"
Perfect for prep work on sidewalks, curbs, slabs, parking lots, railroads and roads.
This is similar to a Jersey spreader box attachment.

Modification available for cutting monolithic building footings.
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laser automatic blade control

D6 cat with spreader box

D5 Caterpillar spreading gravel

sidewalk gravel prep

push more material on grade

used for building oil feild pads in north dakota

adjustable blade attachment

monolithic pad no berms to clean up

spreader for grading railroad ballast rock

This is a great attachment. Let's a little machine outwork a bigger one.

We built the first one for doing site work and sidewalk prep. Since then we have used them on everything that has any dirt or gravel to move. Operators like it. They want to use it on everything. Takes less work to get something done.

We built one for a D5 Caterpillar with a laser operated automatic blade control. They were building a pad for a gymnasium. Dump trucks would spread 14 yds of gravel about 12" thick in front of the cat and the operator would have it spread 5" thick, on grade, before the truck had the box down. No berms. Without any berms you save two passes for every pass made.

Everything on it is built heavy duty. The side plates are 1/2" T-1 steel and have a vertical reinforced strip running from below the top bar to the bottom. Can't see them in the picture. There is also a small ear welded on the corner bit just outside of the side plate. This gives it a little strength at the bottom.

As an option we have another plate bolted inside of the side plates. This can be lowered up to 12 in 2 increments. This is mild steel and is 2' high. This will allow you to build a raised pad or sidewalk. It gives you control of the edge height if necessary.

We have another option also, where we can make the side plates adjustable. Either side plate can be moved in so you can make a 4', 6', or 8' wide blade. Works good for sidewalk or curb prep.

The spreader box is pinned on by two ears that are welded to the top corner of the dozer. To remove this you set the box on a couple of 2 x 4's and drive out the 2 pins. One man operation. Need a hammer and punch.

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Ken Gebert
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