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There are many different kinds of horse run in sheds on the internet and in the magazines. There are a multitude of plans to build them out of lumber, and DIY kits to build them out of pipe, tin, and steel angle iron. I would like to go over the pros and cons of some of these.

There are a lot of horses just turned out for the winter with only an occasional bale of hay. I guess the horses if they had any choice, would rather you spent your money on hay rather than a shelter. I hate to see them standing out in the rain with their back humped up to the wind. A run in shed might cost a little money that we all hate to part with, but some shelter might be a good investment. If a horse is out in the rain, and wind he stands a good chance of getting sick. Too much sun is also bad. If they get sick it is going to cost you for the vet to come out and the medicine. Not only that but you lose what you have the horse for in the first place. Pleasure of riding him. Young foals don’t have time to build up much of an immune system and it would be a shame to have anything happen to one of them. I am sure we all know this. It’s just something that happens that we don’t like.

Now if the wife talks you into parting with the money what should you buy? Most people tend to buy something that is too small. We all have a boss horse and he is going to hog most of the shelter so you need something that will give the boss about two thirds of the room and then the second one will get the rest. For two horses you need a 10 x 20 or 12 x 24. Might seem big and some wasted space. But it is a shame to buy or build something that is too small and have a horse outside watching the boss inside the shed.

Build vs. Buy a kit

A lot of us think we are carpenters and would like to build a horse shelter and save the money. It's not that easy to end up with something that’s strong and tight enough to stand up in a good wind storm. You might end up with something you want to keep the horses out of in a storm.

Wooden run in sheds

There are companies that advertises a run in shed kit made out of pre cut wood that is ready to nail together on the internet. Looks good, probably need a machine to set some of the 6 x 6’s. Probably take a couple of men a couple of days to assemble it. Price is almost as much as some of the metal kits and the labor is three times as great. Also you are going to need a backhoe to dig the corner posts holes. Being anchored in like that the tax man might be interested in it also.
One of the down side to it is it’s wood construction. Do you have any horses that have a cribbing habit? Might not look so good in the spring.

Metal run in shed kits.

I have noticed a couple of metal run in shed kits on the market. One is made out of 2 inch metal pipe and the other out of 3 inch angle iron. Can not find out the thickness of the pipe or the weigh but the angle iron one is 3/16 and the frame kit weighs over 600 pounds and 1200 pounds when finished out. I would like to compare the weight of the pipe one. The siding for the pipe one is bolted to sliding clips on the pipe and the angle iron kit has the siding bolted to the angle iron. Both have the ability to stake it down in case you’re in a windy area. They both look better than the wood ones. Whatever way you go I am sure the horse will appreciate it.

Affordable run in sheds

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